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Map of Uniwaka users and useful hacks for using the app

Our community is growing

Currently, we are 78 users strong and half of those active users are drivers! There are 54 different trips to join going into campus, and 30 different trips for leaving Unitec.

Where are they coming from and going to? Check out the heat map. Red pins are riders. Blue pins drivers.

South Aucklanders and those living in the deep West – we need you! If you know someone in your class that lives there, share this page with them. Encourage them to join the beta-testing team.

Get together next Monday

To help with scheduling rides, we will be holding three different meet-ups for those living in the same areas. You can join online or in person, and we would really love the chance to meet you all. For more details email

Reported issues 

Special thanks to all the users that reported issues and helped figure out the workarounds:

(a) IoS users – ‘my schedule’ buttons need a certain type of touch to get it working. check out this quick video demo

(b) IoS Drivers – once you receive the rider request, here is how you can view more details

(c) Few others received an error message after opening the verification email link. The error message says that the link expired or has already been used.

Please get in touch with us if that’s the case or if there are any other questions you have. You can email or text 0210333703. 


Ngā mihi maioha

Maja and Cris

Making schedule buttons work

Making schedule buttons work

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